Sign Manufacture


Adwaa Sign Center: Manufacture Signboard Internal or Outdoor Signs



We will manufacture your sign, using a wide range of materials, such as aluminium, stainless steel, GRP (fibre glass) and acrylic. Where metals are to be coated, they will be either polyester powder coated, stove enamelled or vitreous enamelled, depending on the signs construction, location and your requirements. The decoration to the signs can be produced in a number of methods and materials, such as exterior grade self adhesive vinyl, either self coloured or inkjet printed and screen printed. Manufacturing techniques can vary from the traditional hand made, such as individual letters and neon tubes, through to computer controlled routers and lasers. We can offer advice on avariety of illumination methods, depending on the site conditions. These could vary from spotlighting, trough lighting, fluorescent, neon and the latest in LED s (light emitting diodes).

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