Know Why LED Signs are Better than Neon Signs?

Most, if not all businesses require lighted signage. In today’s fast and furious race to the top, having the most colorful, the most attractive and creative business sign is a surefire way of getting noticed. Although not all signages are created equal, using LED signs is definitely a far better option than using neon.

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General LED characteristic

  • All LED's are Eco-friendly and safe
  • Very low power consumption
  • Miniaturization and light weight made is possible
  • Long lasting life
  • No need for pre-heating and quick turn On and Off.
  • Simple equipment with switch on circuit and controller
  • Low optic nerve fatigue and pulse function is possible
  • Greater in the Economic part because of its semi permanent life
  • No use of mercury or electric discharge gas.

Embrace technology and move on with the times as LED signs have come to replace the neon sign technology. LED signs are the future of advertisement. Make the switch and let LED signs offer you endless possibilities.

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